‘Protection work’ is defined in the Building Act 1993, as ‘temporary or permanent work of underpinning, including the provision of vertical support, lateral support, protection against variation in earth pressures, provision of ground anchors and other support of adjoining property or shoring up of adjoining property, or overhead protection of ‘adjoining property’; or other work designed to maintain the stability of adjoining property or to protect adjoining property from damage from building work or any work or use of equipment necessary for the provision, maintenance and removal of work referred to above whether or not the work or equipment is carried out or used on, over, under or in the air space above the land on which the building work is or is to be carried out or the adjoining property’.

A common situation may be site cuts/footing excavations &/or retaining wall/s &/or other building work ‘near’ property boundaries &/or adjacent building work. Protection work may also be required due to or involve; demolition/removal, construction/walls near boundaries, pile driving, ‘dewatering’ of a site, cranes over adjoining site & other. The process & purpose of protection work is fundamentally different to building work such as construction/engineering of retaining walls. Protection Work relates to protection against damage to property & against personal injury.

Protection Work & the serving of a Protection Work Notice & a range of related matters is set within a complex but tight statutory process; JBSS/Graham Neale as well as dealing with Protection Work as Relevant Building Surveyor has significant & current experience in this arena to assist an Owner or an Adjoining Owner where Protection Work has ‘raised its head’ or a Protection Work Notice has been served; JBSS has a comprehensive information sheet to assist; contact JBSS for further information.